Times Gone By

March 2010
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Back to my childhood

A rather unexpected and excellent day all in all. My first job was a retail site in Newport. A case of reload a till. Took a little while to work my way through the manual but the staff on site were a great giggle. Merrily chatting away and the conversation got around to childhood TV […]

Continuing the simple theam

Another day that yielded no suppries. I don’t know how much longer this will last. So after exchanging the parts over at the local depot, it was off to Cirencester for my first contestant. A retail site with a faulty chip & pin reader. Unfortunately the replacement part didn’t want to load up properly. So […]

An easy start

Monday. The beginning of the week. So after the usual routine of wake up, Wii fit lecture, breakfast & tea it was out in to the word. The first job was a doddle. A receipt printer on a retail site wasn’t working. However, it was working fine when I got their. Result! That was easy. […]

Feeling out of sync

It’s weird trying to have a lie in when you know the clock is wrong. Even though I had set most of the clocks to be an hour forward, my internal clock was still on winter time. So knowing in my bones that it is still 10:00am, I had an unusual resentment for the clock […]

Caravan invasion

They’re everywhere! Caravans. Loads of the buggers. No sooner had Igot on the motorway when I was suddenly surrounded by loads of fiberglass boxes on wheels. Nearly new cars and pretend four by fours towing ageing boxes of slow moving misery. Certainly made my journey a bit more fraught as I battled against the grockles […]

Thank Crunchie it’s Friday

An odd Friday, work wise. I got the kit back to the depot for repair and then seemed to spend most of the morning triaging the calls. One part was set aside for an unusual return, in that I took it direct to a courier rather than put it in to the normal repair loop. […]

Not what I expected

Today was a little odd. The first job was supposed to be replace a till on a retail site. Despite the box the PC came in looking the worse for ware, the PC itself was in good working order. But due to a change in the gubinz that made it up from the manufacture meant […]

In good spirits

Today was one of those days where Ifound myself in an inexplicably good mood. Straight from kick off, through most of the day truth be told. And I’ve no idea why. I suppose it may have been due to not waking up with the music from the “Robot Unicorn Attack” flash game from the “Adult […]

Can I take a look at your phone?

So a straight forward day. A retail site near by needed a bar code scanner replace. A very easy fix. Un-plug the old unit. Plug in the new. Show it the program codes and then test. A nice straight forward affair. A little disappointing when the staff act despondent. Can begin to ware you down […]

Confuse them with a smile

A new week and a new start. A very straightforward day, work wise. But I am still astounded by people’s response to someone with a smile on their face. As a nation are we really that surprised to see some one happy? The first retail site I stepped on to, one of the first comments […]