Times Gone By

March 2010
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An Awesome Weekend

Just a little bit of time befor Ireturn back to work for another 6 days. I’ve had a really nice weekend. Having HeX & Fade & Kiddies over has been a great giggle. So we’ve watched some Scooby-Do, Tom & Jerry, Garfield and a whole bunch of other cartoons with that lovely guilt free feeling […]

Road trip

It’s been a fun Friday. For a start, no work. So happy days for a star. But to tell you the truth I was excited about having guests over. So with the flat suitably kiddy proofed it was off to Dorset to kidnap an entire family. But it’s OK, they were willing abductees. Not like […]

The joys of time off

With no alarms set I still woke up with a guilty feeling at 7:00am. After a couple of moments to ensure that all was well, I forced myself to have a lie in. And it was great. But as with all things, it needed to come to an end. So with a slightly muzzy head […]

Impulse buy

Finally and end to the long stretch of the rota. So what did my last day hold? Well it turned out to be a long drive over to Swansea to replace a chip & pin reader on a retail site. As simple as that. So afterwards I decided to take lunch in Swansea and while […]

Just another day

All in all, not a bad day. Kind of long, but there is an end is sight. With old parts exchanged for new it was out into the world. So first up was a quick receipt printer swap at a retail site. Then it was over to one of those calls that evolved in to […]

A new start

It’s a Monday and new start. There’s something nice about this time of year. A feeling that winter is loosing it’s grip and there is a bit of colour returning to the world. So there is a nice feeling about not having to wrap up in multiple layers before heading out.

Work was nicely paced […]

Still tinkering

Why is it that “Under Maintenance” takes so long?

Any free time I’ve had recently has evaporated and turned into other things. There’s the “Who Dares Grins Annual Rodgering” for a start. I’m slowly working my way through the story boards. Still got to go prop shopping, so that should be a goodgiggle. I think […]