An Awesome Weekend

Just a little bit of time befor Ireturn back to work for another 6 days. I’ve had a really nice weekend. Having HeX & Fade & Kiddies over has been a great giggle. So we’ve watched some Scooby-Do, Tom & Jerry, Garfield and a whole bunch of other cartoons with that lovely guilt free feeling you can have from telling yourself it for the children. But on of the highlights has got to be taking them all down to Toys R Us. As a result of the trip their little boy has become Snake Eyes the ninja from GI Joe. And their Little girl has an Upsi-Daisy from The Night Garden. All though there was a moment when both of them wanted the battery powered toy Ferrari. So Saturday was a good day. But as with so many things it had to come to an end, so on Sunday there was time for a couple of cartoons, a quick blast of running various characters around World Of War-craft and then it was time for them to go home. Fade’s truck did start after a bit of persuasion. By the look of the underside of the bonnet, Ithink he had half of Sailsbury plain in the engine bay. So with the truck running and loaded it up, it was time to say good bye. I then spent the rest of my Sunday just relaxing. So all in all a very awesome weekend.

Road trip

It’s been a fun Friday. For a start, no work. So happy days for a star. But to tell you the truth I was excited about having guests over. So with the flat suitably kiddy proofed it was off to Dorset to kidnap an entire family. But it’s OK, they were willing abductees. Not like I had just driven a hundered miles and randomly kidnapped a random family. They did know I was coming to get them.

So with the car loaded up we all headed north back to Gloucester. Quite a pleasant drive really. Took the scenic route. Even took the little toll bridge through Bathampton. Once back home there was time for a little bit of fun & games on the Wii. Get the kids fed and off to bed. Then get the adults fed and then chill out in front of the TV. So a couple of hundred miles and a really nice evening. All good fun 🙂

The joys of time off

With no alarms set I still woke up with a guilty feeling at 7:00am. After a couple of moments to ensure that all was well, I forced myself to have a lie in. And it was great. But as with all things, it needed to come to an end. So with a slightly muzzy head and and guilty feeling that I should be at work, i made a start on my day.

The Wii fit board is not my friend. 2lbs have come from no where. I’m not having that. A quick reset, but it’s still bad news. RIGHT! lets try the floor in the kitchen. Bad idea, now heavier by 3lbs. The rage builds. The probability of a Wii fit board sailing through the window is increasing. Opening the window first is optional. So back on the carpet and with bad grace I accept the sarcastic question and inevitable lecture from the jumped up white plastic tea tray. Oh are your batteries running low? Starve you little git! Grrr!

So in a delightful upbeat mood I attach the various domestic chores around my home. So the hoover is bullied around the various rooms, and then the fish tank is subjected to a a thorough de-algeing. With that out of the way it’s time to see what is left on the shelves. Not an awful lot it seems. So a shopping list is knocked together and then it’s off to Sainsburys. totally unprepared. Did I have a pound coin for the trolley? No. So a hand basket soon becomes very overloaded with stuff. Did I remember to bring a bag with me? Or may be the plastic crate? No. So my eco-karma takes a knock. Never mind. the flat is clean and the shelves are stocked back up again.

So the rest of the day is spent in the most pleasant of pass times with a light bit of WOW. the next few days are going to be an adventure. I’m off to see some friends and then kidnap them back to Gloucester. So the flat is going to be full again, which is going to be a giggle. Mainly because I get to see my friends. Attempt to be a good host. But above all i have a legitimate excuse to watch cartoons because I can say I’m entertaining the kiddies. All good fun 🙂

Impulse buy

Finally and end to the long stretch of the rota. So what did my last day hold? Well it turned out to be a long drive over to Swansea to replace a chip & pin reader on a retail site. As simple as that. So afterwards I decided to take lunch in Swansea and while bimbling about I stumbled across a Little shop and made an impulse purchase. Yes it’s small, purple and you get to strum away at it with your hands. Yes that’s right. I brought a Ukulele…

My Purple Ukelele

I have no idea how to tune it up, let alone play it. But there was something about seeing a whole bunch of mini guitars that made me want one. And especially in purple. So I went into the music shop, gave the staff a big smile and told them I would love a purple Ukulele. I then spent the rest of my lunch break in the car searching You Tube on my Google phone for instructions on how to tune up a Ukulele. I got some odd looks of Joe Public as they walked by. But in all honesty they were probably jealous.

Well they say things happen in threes. So to keep the tradition alive I went on to enter into a raffle with Sainsburys for a 42″ plasma TV and then brought some Foxes Double Crinkle Crunch Cream bickys. So three slightly naughty impulse buys.

So time off. YAY! Time to do all those fun domestic chores and have a lie in.

Just another day

All in all, not a bad day. Kind of long, but there is an end is sight. With old parts exchanged for new it was out into the world. So first up was a quick receipt printer swap at a retail site. Then it was over to one of those calls that evolved in to something unexpected. It was supposed to be fit a customer display, but the replacement till didn’t have one. However there was a problem with the network. After a bit of investigation it turned out to a problem with the network cable. Thankfully this was solved by fitting new plugs to end of the wire at both ends. A bit of a tough gig as the customer was upset at the length of time it had been since they had first reported the fault. I managed to keep a cool head through it though. The last job also evolved in to something different. Should have been a case of recalibrate the touch screen, but the owner asked nicely if I would swap the screens between the two tills on site. The first one went straight forward enough, but the second developed a personality. In that after I put the till back together it wouldn’t start. After trying a variety of things I did manage to get it working. So all in all a good day. Just one more working day to go. So looking forward to some time off.

A new start

It’s a Monday and new start. There’s something nice about this time of year. A feeling that winter is loosing it’s grip and there is a bit of colour returning to the world. So there is a nice feeling about not having to wrap up in multiple layers before heading out.

Work was nicely paced today. Things seemed to fall into place. The first job was a retail site and a very simple fix. Just replace a magnetic swipe reader on a till. Shut down the till. Take out a couple of screws. Fit the new unit and test. Very quick and easy. The next gig was a blank till screen at another site. Well the good news was that there was nothing wrong with the till screen. It seemed the till had got a bee in it’s bonnet as it was starting up and had hung on a blank screen. The odd thing was that it would start in to safe mode with out any problems, and amazingly a scandisk did fix the problem. So a little time consuming waiting for it to run through but a result never the less.

With that out of the way it was time for a late lunch and pass the time by watching a bit of TV on the Google phone, that is just about behaving it’s self after being off for repair. It still has the occasional spazz out where it forgets that it is in fact a phone. So a little frustrating to keep on having to go into the settings and remind it which network to connect to. But the geek in me is still impressed with the fact that I can watch the BBC iPlayer while on lunch. Beats sitting in the car for a hour with nothing much to do other than enjoy the silence and digest lunch.

So the last contestant of the day was another retail site. A problem with the receipt printer. Which had fixed itself when I got there. Result! Self repairing kit. I hope it doesn’t catch on, or it’ll put me out of a job. So with that done and dusted it was off home, and an evening of catching up on Heroes. So I’m finally up to date. I’m not sure how it got out of sink. I was watching it on BBC2 but some how it appears to be all over the place on it schedule. So if I’ve got it right I’ll need to watch it on BBC3 now to stay in step.

Only a couple more working days to get through and then some time off. YAY! Four days in a row, and I’m already filling them up with things to do. Right, best get off to bed.

Still tinkering

Why is it that “Under Maintenance” takes so long?

Any free time I’ve had recently has evaporated and turned into other things. There’s the “Who Dares Grins Annual Rodgering” for a start. I’m slowly working my way through the story boards. Still got to go prop shopping, so that should be a goodgiggle. I think I’m mostly there in terms of my imagination. There are still one or two things I still can’t decide on. Backgrounds, the kind of shot, stuff like that.

So when it comes to this site, well, between the domestic chores that always pile up and my natural ability to get easily distracted when I’ve got nothing pressing to do. Trawling through a hundred plus posts and creatively editing them doesn’t fill me with giddiness. So needless to say that project has been on a bit of a back burner.

In short the last couple of weeks have been good, all in all. Work has been diverse and engaging. Friends and family are alive and well. I’ve made it to the last couple of Frag Fests and had a really nice time.

So I’m currently in the middle of the long stretch section of my rota, so I’ll be seeing time off at the end of next week. I’m already filling it up with things to do, so I’ll see how I feel about pulling on the editors hat and reading through the ramblings and rantings of my mind. Alternativly I may think “Sod it” and just carry on and pretend that there is no other postings and get back to writing.

Keep Grinning people 🙂