Not much happening

It’s been very quiet. The workload has been light to nearly non-existant. So it early on Friday morning. It’s sunny. It’s pay day. And I’ve got the weekend off. Some times you just have to accept good luck.

Quiet day

Tuesday was quiet. Quite litterally one job. Go to Cheltenham and replace a cash draw on a retail site. Simple. In fact getting to the site was more of a challenge. Some chapps in high vis jackets had conned off large areas of the main route in to Cheltenham, so I spent over an hour crawling through traffic. The annoying thing was I couldn’t see any reason for why then needed to shut down the lanes. But once I got past the health and safety blockage it was a quick job on site.

Ok, technically there was a second job. A retail site over Ross-On-Wye way had a faulty keyboard. But keyboards are considered disposable, so I had a chat with the manageress and arranged for a keyboard to be put in the post to the site.

And that was my working day. Swings and rounderbouts this job.

Holidays over

With the arrival of Monday, it’s back to work. It was a bloody good weekend. Went down to Dorest to see Fade & HeX and the kiddies. Did a lot of chatting and giggling. Their eldest son really loves World of Warcraft. It’s the knights and horses. But then again it can also be a 4 year old’s fascination with splashing noises. So many hours spent running various characters around the virtual world.

Now it’s Monday. So sort through the various emails from work and get the forms filled in and what not. There was only one job to contend with and that was for a retail site in Cheltenham. So nice and close by. And an added surprise was that the problem with the cash draw not firing had resolved it’s self by the time I had arrived. Excellent. Self repairing kit.

After work had finished for the day I set about sticking the giant yellow number 3s to the wheelie bin. I ended up with one or two air bubbles, so it looks like a cross between cheese and and an aero bar. But I’m very chuffed with the results.

Wheelie Bin

Some how I feel that my neighbour isn’t so chuffed. For some reason she felt the need to turn the bin around when she got home, so that the number was no longer visible from the road. I have a theory that she doesn’t like anything that that draws attention to the fact that it’s not one house, but two maisonettes. Years ago she got really snotty about me painting the front door as her blind in her bed room matched it. Now I’ve stuck a giant three foot high industrial hazard yellow number three on each side of the bin. Next door but two has dolphins on her’s. Neighbours can be odd and fickle at times. Lets see how long it takes for my bin to get vandalised?

TV is massive

So Saturday. Old TV’s are heavy. They’re also huge. Me and Fade had fun trying to get an old 32″ CRT TV in to his & HeX’s home. Getting it out the car wasn’t too much of a challenge. Getting it in their home was. After the narrow door and corridors had been navigated, the next challenge was to find somewhere to put the monster thing. Just a little too big and heavy to put in the home of the old TV. So a sketch book and a tape measure were broke out. Fade disappeared off to the man shed to play with power tools. I went up with the garden and mooed as the cows with their kids. The end result is that HeX & Fade now have a fully working TV. I’ve managed to make the their DVD recorder work to record things off the free view box. So feeling slightly chuffed. And I’ve had a great day out. I’ve also eaten chocolate. So all kinds of good.

Tired now. Time toget some sleep.

Blind determination

Some times taking that inviting looking road can yield strange and pleasing results. So I was on the outskirts of Stroud and I found myself drawn to going down a road I’ve never been before. An odd spirit of adventure. Bimbling along the narrow lanes I saw a site that probably testament to the human spirit of shear bloody determinedness. So you own a big American car. You’ve got a garage. But the car is too big to fit into the garage. So what do you do? Simple. Cut a hole in the garage door.

Blind determination

Got to love it.

A really nice sunny day. managed to finally get rid of the old storage heater down the tip. I even payed my Gas and Electric bill. Not as bad as I thought it would be, so that was a nice surprise. Didn’t get around to cleaning out the fish tank or putting the big yellow 3s on the wheelie bin. But the future is a big place.

As it’s Friday, it’s Frag Fest! A great giggle. Especially as party mode was active. There was even a chorus of Happy Birthday. Didn’t crash the server either.

So time for bed. A fun packed weekend awaits me down in Dorset.

How old?

Strewth! I’m 35.

It’s been a different day. Couldn’t sleep last night. So I’ve had 4 hours sleep. Had chocolate for breakfast. Not a recommended breakfast choice. One or two cigars. May be three. Speaking of three, I’ve got some hug yellow threes for the wheelie bin. No really I have. No work today as I’ve taken time off work. A good rule to live by is to never work your birthday. Also ended the day with a little bit of pear cider. So all in all a good day.

Did I just really see that?

Tuesday was a good day. Nice and sunny. Work was quite local. Some of the sights I saw stopped me in my tracks.

So the first contestant was a retail site in Cheltenham. It was the one I’d been out to the day before and had a power supply got “POP” at me. So suitably armed with a replacement power cable and new PC, I swapped over the bits and was very happy to see that the screen came on and the printer had a power light. YAY! It’s alive! So after tidying up and doing the all the forms and things I went back top the parts depot and dropped off the used parts. Seeing as it was mid day, some lunch was in order.

So after that is was back to Cheltenham. A retail customer in one of the arcades was having some troubles with their reports printer, in that they were getting a smear down the middle of the page. I thought it was worth taking a look at. And initially I was chuffed to find some debris in the back of the printer. But with that cleared out, it still wasn’t working. Drat. Round one to the printer. I admitted defeat and got a replacement ordered for them. As i was walking back through  the arcade, something in the window of Lush caught my eye. i couldn’t quite believe what I had seen. I stopped turned on my heal, and yes I really did see what I thought I’d saw.

Lush - Poster

I would encourage all curious parties to go and have a look at the Lush web site

I was so stunned I forgot to take a photo. Seriously, there is no caption. No explanation. That photo above taken from the web site is all there is. I suppose you have to go in to the store and ask. I would have loved to have spent some time just watching Joe Public. To see how many people walked by with out seeing and those that saw it what their facial expression was. No time for that. I needed to go back to my first site. Apparently the bar code scanner wasn’t working. Sure enough the plug had come of the of the PC. Plugged the scanner back in and rebooted the PC. Result! That’s working.

Off to Huntley to try and sort out a network problem at a retail site out there. After a while I had found that there was naff all wrong with the hub. Although I did chuckle when I found a USB plug stuck in a RJ45 socket on a hub that isn’t being used by our kit. The problem came down the on board network card on till two. So another call I don’t get to fix, but at least the problem has been identified. So with that all arranged it was back home to fire off the end of day emails and try and find out what happened to a part for a job I did back in March. I think I figured it out.

So a relaxed evening in front of the computer playing WOW. Simple pleasures.

Sunny Monday

There something about nice weather that seems to lift people’s mood. There are certainly more smiles around. I’ve had a week off work, it’s a Monday, and I’m in a good mood. Work was very manageable. I went to retail site in Cheltenham to fix a reciept printer, but instead found the problem to be with the power cable. A little after that the problem with the power cable became a problem with the PC as something went “frazzle”. So that’s a cable and PC that is now needed, but the staff on site were OK with this. The next site at Brokworth was also a straight forward affair. Turned up and reprogrammed a bar code scanner. Had great fun testing a whole varity of different products to see if it would work OK, and it did. So a very easy going day all in all.

Feels like summer

So the sun is out, it’s warm and nearly everyone near me seems to have spent the day mowing grass and having bar-b-ques. The smell of cut grass, charcoal and cooking have been wafting in my window nearly all day. The down stairs neighbours dog has been going mental trying to sniff the air in every section of the garden. Poor thing.

So I got in very late this morning. I got to see the sun rise in fact. I took a bimble down to Hampshire the day befor to go and see my friends and catch up. It was a really good evening. So today was a bit of lie in. Well depends on how you look at it. I was late getting out of bed. But then I didn’t get in it that early either. So I’ve done the domestic chores that need doing, had a little bit of fun with the PC. And now it’s time to set the alarm clock and get ready for next week of work.

I think it’s safe to say that my mind is else where. I’ve got a birthday coming up, but that’s the last thing on my mind as my Mum will be going in to hospital for an operation on the same day. So not really thinking “YAY! Birthday!”, more “OH KRICKY!”. I know there is no sense in worrying. But it doesn’t stop you worrying. So fingers crossed all will be good and groovy. Immerse my self in my work and hope for the best. Not really a solution to my worries, but should stop me dwelling on them.

So how about a joke?

Why did the Communist drink herbal tea?

Because proper tea is theft.

Made it back from Bedford

Going home to where you grew up is an odd thing. Also finding yourself without any WEB access is also a pain in the arse. But on the bright (ish) side, Vodafone had got an EDGE signal near where Mum & Dad live. A shame the HTC phone I own is still utterly shit in it’s reliability. But never mind. So Tuesday afternoon was spent catching up with Mum & Dad. Or at least up to the point where they both fell asleep at 7:30pm. I figured the best thing I could do was let them get some rest.

Now Wednesday was an adventure. Me & Dad drove 200 miles north up to Thornaby on Tees near Middlesbrough. It’s been years since me & Dad have spent any significant length of time together. It was really nice to drive & chat. Initially i thought it was going to be a dull trip, as Dad asked that I stop so he could get a paper as soon as we left the house. I had a premonition of a driving for nearly 4 hours while he read the paper. But it wasn’t the case. He didn’t read it till we got home in the evening. So it was really nice driving along. I hadn’t driven the A1 for years. I think it was last year that I went a visited a friend near Huntingdon, but other than that I hadn’t been up that road in over 7 years. May be 8. the sat-nav was having fun. It looks like nearly every roundabout has been removed. So I was getting prompts to take exits that no longer existed. At one point, the road deviated off so much that the sat-nav thought I was doing 70mph through a field. But anyway. It was a nice day out. Stopped off at a Little Chef on the way home and had a breakfast for a late lunch early tea kind of thing.

As for Thursday. Well, for years I’ve been promising Mum that I would get around to clearing the junk out of my room. So I finally made a start on it. It was like going through your childhood. The crap I horded. There was old school reports. Scrap books I’d made. I found my GCSE certificates. For some odd reason I had the blue prints to Grandad’s shop in Peterborough. Old magazines. Loads of junk. So much so that I didn’t make it to the tip on time. Although by the look of the cue of people turning round, I think they had closed a little early. So rather than return all the crap to Mum & Dad’s house, I left it in the back of the car and mentally made a note to dispose of it at the tip in Gloucester the next day. So after loading the car to the roof (probably due to the fact that I had found my old Atari STE and games. That’s definitely coming home with me), I said good bye to Mum & Dad and headed home. I got back very late at night. The stuff I was keeping was off loaded. I was too tired to find homes for it then. So it wasn’t long before I crawled off to my own bed. I had missed it.

So Friday kicked off with a trip straight down the trip. When the hell did throwing away rubbish become so difficult? It’s like attending an interview with an aptitude test. Which one of the 28 different bins do I use? And woe betide anyone that puts the wrong thing in the wrong bin! But I was sneaky. I managed to dispose of a stack of ST Format magazines in to the cardboard only skip. HA! Take that bin guardians! So back home to get scrubbed up and then I took a bimble into Cardiff. It’s nice to walk about the place and not be working. So I only wanted to have a better look around St Davids. So stopped in John Lewis for lunch. Had a look in the Apple store. Found a Plan Lazy outlet. All kinds of good. Oh yes. Saw a 6 foot plus trannie in John Lewis. Walked very well in high heels. I haven’t got a photo of that. So here’s a photo of a Lego Clone trooped from John Lewis instead…

Lego Clone Trooper

I eventually went home. I did the desent thing and finaly went shopping and got some food and drink back in the house. Being Friday it can only mean one thing. Frag Fest! A damm good giggle. For a start it was the return of Mode Seven to the servers. So a lot of banter and giggleing was had.

I’ve got two more days left before I have to return to work. I’d better make something of them.