Times Gone By

April 2010
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Not much happening

It’s been very quiet. The workload has been light to nearly non-existant. So it early on Friday morning. It’s sunny. It’s pay day. And I’ve got the weekend off. Some times you just have to accept good luck.

Quiet day

Tuesday was quiet. Quite litterally one job. Go to Cheltenham and replace a cash draw on a retail site. Simple. In fact getting to the site was more of a challenge. Some chapps in high vis jackets had conned off large areas of the main route in to Cheltenham, so I spent over an hour […]

Holidays over

With the arrival of Monday, it’s back to work. It was a bloody good weekend. Went down to Dorest to see Fade & HeX and the kiddies. Did a lot of chatting and giggling. Their eldest son really loves World of Warcraft. It’s the knights and horses. But then again it can also be a […]

TV is massive

So Saturday. Old TV’s are heavy. They’re also huge. Me and Fade had fun trying to get an old 32″ CRT TV in to his & HeX’s home. Getting it out the car wasn’t too much of a challenge. Getting it in their home was. After the narrow door and corridors had been navigated, the […]

Blind determination

Some times taking that inviting looking road can yield strange and pleasing results. So I was on the outskirts of Stroud and I found myself drawn to going down a road I’ve never been before. An odd spirit of adventure. Bimbling along the narrow lanes I saw a site that probably testament to the human […]

How old?

Strewth! I’m 35.

It’s been a different day. Couldn’t sleep last night. So I’ve had 4 hours sleep. Had chocolate for breakfast. Not a recommended breakfast choice. One or two cigars. May be three. Speaking of three, I’ve got some hug yellow threes for the wheelie bin. No really I have. No work today as […]

Did I just really see that?

Tuesday was a good day. Nice and sunny. Work was quite local. Some of the sights I saw stopped me in my tracks.

So the first contestant was a retail site in Cheltenham. It was the one I’d been out to the day before and had a power supply got “POP” at me. So suitably […]

Sunny Monday

There something about nice weather that seems to lift people’s mood. There are certainly more smiles around. I’ve had a week off work, it’s a Monday, and I’m in a good mood. Work was very manageable. I went to retail site in Cheltenham to fix a reciept printer, but instead found the problem to be […]

Feels like summer

So the sun is out, it’s warm and nearly everyone near me seems to have spent the day mowing grass and having bar-b-ques. The smell of cut grass, charcoal and cooking have been wafting in my window nearly all day. The down stairs neighbours dog has been going mental trying to sniff the air in […]

Made it back from Bedford

Going home to where you grew up is an odd thing. Also finding yourself without any WEB access is also a pain in the arse. But on the bright (ish) side, Vodafone had got an EDGE signal near where Mum & Dad live. A shame the HTC phone I own is still utterly shit in […]