Times Gone By

April 2010
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Snowflake button

A good sign that winter is over is when you have to use the air con in the car. OK, so wearing a black shirt won’t help, and the scenic does have a huge window screen. But I did find that it was getting beyond pleasantly warm.

So the last of the 12 hour days. […]

Displaced feeling of time

That’s the problem with shift work. Your perspective of time gets a little out of focus. I had that Friday feeling on Wednesday. It’s now Saturday. I’ve no idea what day of the week my mind thinks it is. Possibly a Tuesday maybe?

Friday was a good day. All the work piled up at the […]

A bit more challenging

So after a some straight forward days, a job that was a bit more challenging came through. A hospitality site out at Blackwood had a till that wouldn’t turn on. So a part was ordered and shipped to site. The complications began when I arrived there and there turned out to be a couple of […]

Supprisingly cheerfull

I woke up to day in a surprisingly cheerful mood. I’m not sure what is causing it and I’m not going to complain. There is something nice about starting the day with a smile on your face. Even if the Wii Fit Board seems determined to lecture me. Well his batteries are running low, I’m […]

A simple pace.

If there is a balance to things, then I’m going to be up against it in the future. The jobs and work load have been so simple and straight forward of late. So that would mean there has to be a balance when the work load will become heavy and the jobs complex. So far […]

Chocolate for breakfast

Bank holidays are strange things. It’s a working day with the feel of a weekend day, typically a Sunday. It may go some way to explaining why I felt that chocolate for breakfast was a good idea. Galaxy Caramel, very naughty. Very naughty indeed. So after a peculiar start to the day, all that I […]

Happy Easter

Happy Easter people.

That aside it was a day off. So I did what any self respecting person would do. Had a lie in and relaxed my way through the day.

Mildly soaked

The guilt peasure that comes from having a lie in. Nothing quite like it. So it was with a very lazy feel that I gentaly eased in to the day. But eventually I had accept that there were things that needed to be done. In the main was the fact that there was next to […]

Take the tape off first

Thank Crunchie it’s Friday.

So the first gig was a retail site in Gloucester. A good way to start the working day with a job on you front door step. So a short drive in to the city centre. The problem had been reported as a problem with the HP printer used for reports. Found […]

Mixed results

A bit more of a challenge today. The first job was a retail site outside of Hereford. There was a till that wasn’t playing nice with something plugged into it. So the process was going to be change the till chassis to see if this would fix the problem. It did fix the report problem, […]