Times Gone By

May 2010
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An unusual day. On the bright side, it was my weekend off. But I did have one errand to do for work, which is get the company car serviced. So due to odd way the car has been sorted out as a temporary measure until my new employer can sort out a new fleet of […]

Thank crunchy it's Friday

Finally the end of the working week. Yippee! So a hassle free day of work and bright sunshine. All kinds of good. Frag fest was a giggle, although I still can’t aim straight. An early night as the company car is due a major service. I’m so glad I don’t have to run my own […]

Out of the Blue

All in all, a good day. Work today held one of those odd moments that makes no sense. It was going to be a straight forward job. Swap out a touch screen on a hospitality site just out side Cardiff. I got the part from Bristol and made it to the site. Swapping over the […]

Easy sunny day

I had an easy going day. Swapped a touch screen at a site in Cirencester. Noticed a land rover with “Pussy Wagon” writen in the dirt all along the passenger side of it. Met up with another engineer to get a 1kg weight off him. Also got my reload software off him that I lent […]

Sky rats

Today was my first day back from being on holiday. A nice gentle start. The first job was in Gloucester city center to replace a keyboard. There was some mild peril in the form of angry seagulls. Apparently they have been nesting on the roof of the car park and have been dive bombing anyone […]

Back From Holiday


But first I need to subject you to my Cornwall holiday pics.

Saint Mawes. A nice little costal town, and where I happened to be staying. Along with it’s calf killing 1 in 3 hills there was this strangly inviting door…

I really wanted to know what was on the other […]

Time off – YAY!

Strewth! I’ve been tired. Saturday and Sunday saw a lot of mileage. Thankfully Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday weren’t too bad. So today was nice as it didn’t involve an alarm clock. Just a nice lie in. A trip in to town to get a hair cut as i was beginning to look a little woolly. […]

Just in case

Yesterday I drove 160 miles to get to my first site. It took me 5 and half hours to get there. This includes the hour for lunch and the numerous times I had to stop and pull over to triage various calls. When I got to the site at New Quay I was told […]

Get your vote in

So it’s time for the UK general election. So with the polling stations opening so early it was easy to cast my vote before heading off to the parts depot to drop of yesterdays kit. Then over to Cardiff to to replace a failing hard drive on a retail site. Or I would have if […]

Back on the grind

The ballence has been addressed. If it’s been quiet on the work front, then today saw a return to form. So first gig was go and get the parts from the local depot and collect a power supply. From there it was off to a retail site near Abbergaveny to go and fix the PC […]