Dark glee

Today had one of those moments that just make you smile. Moments where you hope the outcome will come out just as you imagine in the darker parts of your mind.

So I had finished in Sainsburys and I’d made it back to the car. A couple of rows opposite me there was a Fiesta with a couple of kids in it. A brother and his big sister. I’d guess that nether of them were in double figures. The sister was sat in the front passenger seat, and see was having a disapproving strop moment. This was because her little brother was in the driver’s seat. Well not quite. He had one leg and most of his body out of the car window. But his legs were too short to reach the ground. So he’s teetering on the sill. He eventually clambers back in. They have a little scuffle and he tries his “Dukes of Hazard” maneuver again. Lightning fast, his sister gives his arse an almighty shove. BOINK! Out he goes, sprawled on the ground. She laffs her head off. Locks all the doors and closes the window. I left giggling as she taunts him through the window.

Just a little bit random

Got sent out to a retail site today. Had to rebuild one of the computers, so that left me with a bit of time to take in the environment I was in while the PC did the automated reload thing. So up on one of the shelves were some DVDs.

Some randome DVDs

Now what the hell is “Romancing The Stone” doing in amoungst that lot?

That reminds me. I found a photo I took a couple of weeks ago. Who one earth goes on holiday with a pink wheel barrow?

Pink Wheelbarrow

Ok, I was on the last service station of the M4 in Wales, so I suppose I really shouldn’t be that surprised.

Where did the time go?

Strewth! It’s September already. I find it hard to believe that this much of the year has flown past already.

There still isn’t a great deal to write about. Work continues to be work, with it’s usual ups and downs. In this sensitive age, I’m extremely hesitant to write anything much. Even relatively anonymous and innocuous comments can be easily misconstrued. So the safer option is to not write anything at all. So this kind of leave sod all to write about. As for my day to day life. Well what the hell am I doing any different from any one else? Life is still filled with the weird an unusual going’s on. Last Saturday on my way over to Swindon, I was overtaken by a motor bike. The pillion passenger was dressed in a dalmatian jump suit. Made me laff. Just wish the guy had some of the stick on furry ears on the helmet. Would have topped the look off nicely I feel.

Today took me out to Hereford. How come they have never built more than one bridge? Ok so there are two bridges in Hereford, but only one of them seems to get used. But all the traffic through or across Hereford all congests in the centre. How the hell can that have been a good choice for a road network? Would building a couple more bridges on the outskirts really cost that much? Probably. Who knows?

With the kids back to school the roads have become the scary domain of the elderly again. Drive slow to start with. Slow down for corners and on coming traffic. Indicators are optional or misleading. Staying in lane never reallyan option for them. Today seemed to be filled with a hand full of near misses. I’m very glad I’ve got insurance. Since January 27th I’ve driven 26,378 miles. Which reminds me, I’d better book the car in for another service soon. Considering how long it took the hire company to organise the last one, I’d better start proceedings off earlier than last time.

Just got to make it through this week and I can have some time off. Really looking forward to it.