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July 2018
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Back From Holiday


But first I need to subject you to my Cornwall holiday pics.

Saint Mawes. A nice little costal town, and where I happened to be staying. Along with it’s calf killing 1 in 3 hills there was this strangly inviting door…

I really wanted to know what was on the other side of it, but held off in case it was not as good as to what my imagination was conjuring up.

Truro was a good giggle. A big town that also had an unusuall shop that had this array of rabbits. I’ve no idear what the hell they are for…

Falmouth has the National Maritime Museum. Very cool and well worth a visit. Here’s the indoor model boat sailing thingy…

They’ve got all sorts of boats hanging from the roof.

Mored up outside what this 55 meter monster of a pleasure curser – Steel.

But this is more my sort of budget…

Truth be told, I was more excited as this was the same kind of car that I first owned. This anoyed the member of staff working there, who felt I should be more excited about the little boat.

It’s safe to say that there were a lot of boats there.

There was even a bit on light houses. I played with the fog horn a lot Smiley

And I found a hat to try on…

In Fowey, some one missunderstood the concept of letter boxes…

Some of the entrances to the cottages were nicely unusual…

Or in some cases painted and decortated to a nautical theam…

No matter how old you are, if you go to the sea side, you need to go on the beach…

As well as leaving your mark for the sea to wash away Smiley

All in all a great holiday. The only thing that felt was a little weird was that in some areas the locals will welcome you with open arms. But in others there was outward contempt and resentment. Pitty really.

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