Times Gone By

July 2018
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My Cosplay Outfit Goes Out In Public

A little over 2 and a half years ago I had an idea to build my own Space Marine cosplay outfit. The catalyst? A video on YouTube of a Blood Angle space Marine. And on and off over the years I’ve finally got around to finishing my build enough for me to be happy to […]

Weston-Super-Mare Bike Night

So one of my colleagues clued me in to a motorbike meet up that happens every Thursday from 6:00pm, over at Weston-Super-Mare. It sounded like a giggle, so I rode down and took a look.

Weston Bike Night

The event is ran by a charitable group raising money for The Poppy Appeal. It’s only […]

John Lewis is actually quite terrible

Well F*CK John Lewis. F*CK them in any and every orifice of choosing and / or making.

So lets say you buy a mobile phone from them. It goes wrong, well within warranty. You get it sorted for a repair. Not a problem. You take it to their store. Not a problem.

Then SOD ALL […]

Build Your Own Wearable 40K Space Marine Helmet – MK: VII Aquila

Build Your Own Wearable 40K Space Marine Helmet – MK: VII Aquila

Disclaimer: This is UNOFFICIAL. The Intellectual Property of “Warhammer 40K” belongs to Games Works shop. This is just a fan guide on how to make your own wearable helmet.


Right, now that I have got that out of the […]

My Cosplay Build So Far

So my build has got to that point where it’s beginning to all come together. So naturally I cobbled it all together using pegs and bundgie ropes. Balanced my phone on some potted plants and went for a quick test walk.

Don’t get a car From Thrifty

Hi there.

Thinking about hiring a car?

Are you thinking about going to go to Thrifty?


No seriously don’t.

And especially don’t go to the Bristol depot.

I could explain how, in my personal opinion, that Thrifty is a bad and dishonest company. But that is way too much negativity for a PSA. So […]

My 40K Space Wolf – The build so far

So here’s what I’ve been up to over the last few months, on and off.

I’ve been building myself a 40K Space Wolf cosplay. So basic bits built so far are chest, legs & arms. The backpack is nearly finished. I’ve cut out the templates for the huge shoulders and the massive boots. But those […]

My First Trip To The Ace Cafe in London

So I finally passed my MOD 2 back in January. So my blue bandit was destined to go on a trip. So the last Friday of every month, the Ace Cafe in London has it’s “Bike Night + Performance & Fast Bike” gathering.

So I met up with my friends at Bedford, collected a couple […]

Building a Wolf Helm

I’ve been thinking about a 40K Space Marine Cosplay build. And I like the Space Wolf chapter. So a wolf helm is in order. Thank fully there is a shop on Etsy that has loads of different polygon masks. So go check it out. You buy a PDF file that you simply print out on […]

Getting ahead of myself

First BIG bike 🙂

It seems that I may be possibly getting ahead of myself. I’ve not yet got my full UK bike license, but I’ve gone and purchased myself my next bike. A bit of a step up from the Yamaha XV125 Virago, to a Suzuki GSF600S K1 Bandit. But think of the […]