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July 2018
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Simple snowballing plans

Or – The joys of motorbike ownership

It’s starts out so simple. Then subtly snowballs. So a simple plan of “Find out why Orihime rattles”. Well I know it’s coming from the air box. So a little read up of the manual and it’s out with the tool box.

First task: undo 2 hex bolts.


Child’s 40K Space Marine Chainsword

To go with a 40K Space Marine Bolt Pistol, why a Chainsword of course 🙂

Child scale 40K Space Marine Chainsword

Finish construction child scale 40K Bolt Pistol

So the Mini Marine needed some weaponry. And what 40K Space Marine wouldn’t have a bolt pistol? So I made the top out of standard flooring foam. And then canalized a toy Beretta for the grip and sound electronics. This is haw it turned out.

The unfinished bolt pistol on the left is Adult […]

Budget VR

So take an Android phone. Download the free Google Cardboard app. Sort yourself out some goggles to hold your phone. And hay presto! Budget VR. I’ve got to say, I’m rather impressed with what can be achieved is such a simple way. I have high hopes for the Oculus Rift when the retail version is […]

Embrace Your Mid-Life Crisis – Get A Motorbike

Last summer I had the amazing idea that I should learn to ride a motorbike. I’ve been using several different explanations / excuses. One has been that I have been that I have been lead astray by naughty biker friends. So that will be John and his Hayabuse with me on the back some where […]

The never varying variable speed limit of the M4 at Newport

It is said that “You never know unless you ask”. So I have pondered over the last few years “Why the hell is west bound section of the M4 past Newport always set to 50Mph?” It makes no sense. Over the last 10 years, the congestion along the M4 in South Wales has been horrific. […]

Do Not Buy A QU-BD Two-Up 3D Printer

My Experience With The Two-Up 3D Printer From “Quintessential Universal Building Device [dot com]“

So as a geek, the idea of owning a 3D printer is all kinds of good. Think about it, dream up something. Build a model on something like “Tinkercad”. And then print it out. To take something out of your imagination. […]

Feeding Imagination

So over the last few months I’ve been using my free time here and there. A couple of hours of an evening. Or perhaps a half day or so when I have time off work. So what have I been doing? Five packs of anti-fatigue foam. A short section of hose. Two 12cm polystyrene […]

Nearly finished the MKVII Aquila Space Marine

So the shell is practically done. After several months of an evening here and there. Taking time when I had time off from work. The last of the templates has been cut out. The foam cut. And the pieces glued together. So now I have an idea of exactly how big this thing is going […]

Fun With Foam

This is proofing to be a lot of fun. I can certainly begin to see the appeal of Cos-Play. If you need convincing then I certainly advise you to go and over to YouTube and search for “Sneaky Zebra”. They have a couple of montage videos of the comic-cons. Anyhoo, for me I’m yet to […]