Times Gone By

July 2018
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A Very Naughty Fariry & Fabulous Picnics

Tinkerbell goes commando

That naughty fairy Tinkerbell is out and about again.

Unexpected Gratitude

Reward for a job well done

Just some times, life can bring unexpected rewards from the most unexpected of places.

Did I just hear what I thought I heard?

So an unusual day. For a start it involved the alarm clock going off at 5:00am.

Odd sights & inappropriate kids prizes

Ok, I wasn’t expecting this kind of a Friday.

So after getting sorted out with paper work, routs and stuff, it was time to head out into the world. So for me, my first stop was going to be to pick up a part down at Almondsbury near Bristol. A bit disappointing as when I […]

A Fab Adventure

Tuesday was a fun day. Instead of going to various customer’s sites, I went here instead…

And there I met the call planners…

And the Technical Support fellas…

From a working standpoint it was nice to see how the work comes in to the desk, and how it’s processed, even before it […]

That new Car Smell

Today has been excellent.

Now I’m a lucky man. As part of my job, I get given a car to use. Over the years there has been a variety of cars and vans. But with the exception of hire cars, they have always been hand me downs. So it has always been a case of […]

Just a little bit random

Got sent out to a retail site today. Had to rebuild one of the computers, so that left me with a bit of time to take in the environment I was in while the PC did the automated reload thing. So up on one of the shelves were some DVDs.

Now what the hell […]

Non-Drowsy sleeping pills

I’m Shattered! I’m finally on the last day of my 10 in a row. My thinking feels so fuzzy. I think I’ve driven over 1,500 miles and probably done 68ish hours in the last 10 days.

So looking forward to a day of tomorrow. Definitely having a lie in.

One million pound note.

It’s that time I dread. The long stretch of the rota. Monday had been a great day. Nice and quiet, but Tuesday was determined to make up for lost ground. The jobs through the day had been nice and straight forward, but as I was on standby I get to do the out of hours […]

Thank crunchy it's Friday

Finally the end of the working week. Yippee! So a hassle free day of work and bright sunshine. All kinds of good. Frag fest was a giggle, although I still can’t aim straight. An early night as the company car is due a major service. I’m so glad I don’t have to run my own […]