Times Gone By

July 2018
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Out of the Blue

All in all, a good day. Work today held one of those odd moments that makes no sense. It was going to be a straight forward job. Swap out a touch screen on a hospitality site just out side Cardiff. I got the part from Bristol and made it to the site. Swapping over the […]

Easy sunny day

I had an easy going day. Swapped a touch screen at a site in Cirencester. Noticed a land rover with “Pussy Wagon” writen in the dirt all along the passenger side of it. Met up with another engineer to get a 1kg weight off him. Also got my reload software off him that I lent […]

Sky rats

Today was my first day back from being on holiday. A nice gentle start. The first job was in Gloucester city center to replace a keyboard. There was some mild peril in the form of angry seagulls. Apparently they have been nesting on the roof of the car park and have been dive bombing anyone […]

Just in case

Yesterday I drove 160 miles to get to my first site. It took me 5 and half hours to get there. This includes the hour for lunch and the numerous times I had to stop and pull over to triage various calls. When I got to the site at New Quay I was told […]

Back on the grind

The ballence has been addressed. If it’s been quiet on the work front, then today saw a return to form. So first gig was go and get the parts from the local depot and collect a power supply. From there it was off to a retail site near Abbergaveny to go and fix the PC […]

May the fourth be with you

Yes, it’s unofficial Jedi day. So it was up brightand early and off into Gloucester city centre to go and replace a PC on a retail site. The job went straight forward enough. Simply swap the guts of one PC in to another. Everything booted up ok, so the job was declared a success. With […]

Gremlins in the till

Bank holiday Mondays. Why do they feel like another Sunday? No one in a hurry to get anywhere. Very few trucks on the road. It’s an odd way to start the working week. Only the one call to deal with. A retail site over at Caldicot. Over the last few months the site has been […]

Not much happening

It’s been very quiet. The workload has been light to nearly non-existant. So it early on Friday morning. It’s sunny. It’s pay day. And I’ve got the weekend off. Some times you just have to accept good luck.

Quiet day

Tuesday was quiet. Quite litterally one job. Go to Cheltenham and replace a cash draw on a retail site. Simple. In fact getting to the site was more of a challenge. Some chapps in high vis jackets had conned off large areas of the main route in to Cheltenham, so I spent over an hour […]

Holidays over

With the arrival of Monday, it’s back to work. It was a bloody good weekend. Went down to Dorest to see Fade & HeX and the kiddies. Did a lot of chatting and giggling. Their eldest son really loves World of Warcraft. It’s the knights and horses. But then again it can also be a […]