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July 2018
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My Cosplay Outfit Goes Out In Public

A little over 2 and a half years ago I had an idea to build my own Space Marine cosplay outfit. The catalyst? A video on YouTube of a Blood Angle space Marine. And on and off over the years I’ve finally got around to finishing my build enough for me to be happy to […]

Build Your Own Wearable 40K Space Marine Helmet – MK: VII Aquila

Build Your Own Wearable 40K Space Marine Helmet – MK: VII Aquila

Disclaimer: This is UNOFFICIAL. The Intellectual Property of “Warhammer 40K” belongs to Games Works shop. This is just a fan guide on how to make your own wearable helmet.


Right, now that I have got that out of the […]

Building a Wolf Helm

I’ve been thinking about a 40K Space Marine Cosplay build. And I like the Space Wolf chapter. So a wolf helm is in order. Thank fully there is a shop on Etsy that has loads of different polygon masks. So go check it out. You buy a PDF file that you simply print out on […]

Child’s 40K Space Marine Chainsword

To go with a 40K Space Marine Bolt Pistol, why a Chainsword of course 🙂

Child scale 40K Space Marine Chainsword

Finish construction child scale 40K Bolt Pistol

So the Mini Marine needed some weaponry. And what 40K Space Marine wouldn’t have a bolt pistol? So I made the top out of standard flooring foam. And then canalized a toy Beretta for the grip and sound electronics. This is haw it turned out.

The unfinished bolt pistol on the left is Adult […]