Barcelona Games World 2018

I repeatedly reflect on the fact that I am a very lucky man. So out of the blue, Wendy from Muse games to ask if I’d like to help out on the booth to promote Muse Games recently successfully kickstarted game “Hamsterdam” Of course I would. The conversation went along the lines of…

Me: What dates do you need me?

Wendy: 28/11/2018 through to 02/12/2018

Me: Not a problem.

Wendy: Do you have a passport?

Me: Wait! WHAT?!?!

It was at about that moment I learned that I’d be getting on a plane for the third time in my life. This was an adventure I hadn’t even considered.

So the destination is Barcelona. To be more precise, the in the which turned out to be a huge and fantastic centre. And Wendy had pulled an absolute blinder in that were were in the super snazzy just on the other side of the road to the event. But first I needed to get there.

I got up at the absurd time of 3:30am. My flight out of Bristol airport was for a little after 7:00am. Now the last time I flew would have been over 15 years ago. And that was only Luton to Edinburgh. This was still only a 2 hour flight. But still a “new” experience for me. So a heady mix of excitement and nerves. But some CBT, headphones and Labyrinth playing on my phone helped a lot.

Oh Yer, I’m totally calm about this flying business
Barcelona Airport – That is one chunky horse.
Honestly, Wendy is in this photo. She channelled her inner Ninja. Appropriate considering the game features a Kung0Fu Hamster.
Set up practically complete. Many Stickers, pin badges and a flag later and booth is looking all kinds of good.

My amazing buddy Wendy. Without her I would have never been on these adventures.

Look who won an award
Too right I stuck that up where everyone could see it 🙂

Day one down. So it’s Thursday 29th November 2018. I’m on my way to a all vegan restaurant. Or guide, the ever amazing Low Spec Gamer.
This was seriously delicious. So yes, I should have taken a photo before I drank it all. But it was seriously delicious.

Friday 30th November 2018 – And the view from the hotel room is still awesome.
Friday and the Cosplay was in full swing
Strike the pose 🙂
See the crane? Remember the crane. It’ll make sense later.
Pigeons? No, Parrots.
The view from the top floor of the hotel. Great view.
So what else was there at the show. Well, there was a Ferrari. Racing games were a big thing it appeared.
Now this got my interest. A group Co-Op VR shooter using HTC pro head sets.

OK, remember the crane? The gondola dangling underneath? Can you see the big TV? People were queuing up for this.
Beat Saber was on display in a number of booths.

And naturally Sony was there with a huge Spiderman stand.
Treadmill VR
The big round scrolling screen in the main entrance.
My last day in Barcelona. So I’m checked out of the hotel and about to go on an adventure.
People were still queuing on the Sunday.
This Red hotel made for a great visual queue for finding our way around.

An amazing tiny skinny music shop.

Good to know
My amazing guide for the day. Presenting: The Low Spec Gamer. A big & huge thank you for taking time out to show me around this incredible city.
An incredible Sunday in Barcelona. Now just killing time till the EasyJet flight turns up.