A bit more challenging

So after a some straight forward days, a job that was a bit more challenging came through. A hospitality site out at Blackwood had a till that wouldn’t turn on. So a part was ordered and shipped to site. The complications began when I arrived there and there turned out to be a couple of different faults. So till 3 wouldn’t turn on, now this one I knew about and was what I was sent out to fix. Then there was a problem with the server key reader not working on till 2. Well till 3 first. A simple case of blown PSU. So take the PSU off the new till and fit it to till 3. Well that kind of worked. The till now starts and the screen is briefly visible on the first part of the boot up. But the screen soon goes blank, but this doesn’t stop the till from starting. Which is good as all the drinks orders get printed out there. A couple of cold boots and it’s having none of it. OK, a bit weird. There’s no phone signal in the place, but as soon as you step out side you get nearly a full signal. So I retreat to he garden to get some ideas off the expert on this kind of kit. Apparently it’s a known fault and I’m given a couple of things to try. Excellent.

Well before that I take a look at till 2. The problem with the key reader comes down to a broken wire on the back of the server key reader. The real surprise came from the state of the power cable. Due to very poor design the power cable was being very slowly cut through. There was no space for the cables, so every time the cash draw is slammed shut, it was cutting through the power cable where it looped over the back of the cash draw and underneath a shelf. So I disabled the power cable and used the one off the receipt printer to power the till. The manageress though wanted the till and the printer working. I showed her the cable and she seemed unconcerned. I explained that metal cash draw and power cable shouldn’t be allowed to play together. She explained that it was vital that the food orders print off here as they are doubling up in the kitchen. I can see how that is important to her, but I can’t leave a cable like that. So she goes off to get an electrician and I wrap a copious amount of insulating tape around the wire and get the printer back on.

Back to till 3. For this I’m going to need a monitor. So it’s easier to take the till to the back office, rather than bring the monitor out of the office to the till. After a bit of tinkering, till 3 is set up and it appears that all is fine with the till for starting up, it just doesn’t want the screen to work. So after trying to change the resolution a couple of times it still doesn’t want to play. Fine, you win till. I plug the till back in on the bar, as at least the printer is working for the drinks orders. It’s a really odd set up for the remote order printing, but that is a whole different can of worms and it’s getting late in the afternoon and I really must get lunch.

So I get tidied up and get the kit back into the car. Fill in the various forms and send of the email to get the job cleared. The manageress claims that she raised a separate call for the other till, so I’ll deal with that one when it comes through. Finally time to get some lunch. I was beginningto loose my concentration. I feel a lot better for something to eat. So I take a look at the details for the next job. Well it couldn’t be simpler. Attend a retail site and collect a part that has been delivered to site. No fault. Just go get a part. So after lunch I drive to the site and collect the part. Filling in the paper work and sending off the email tool longer than the actual job. Not that it was a job. I can’t even begin to figure out why the hell the part was delivered to the site in the first place. But it’s an easy job. So with that done it’s off home. There’s a nasty surprise of there is next to sod all food in the house, but I’m too tired to go out and shop. So I make do with half a chocolate egg and a sarnie. Not great, but it does the job.