A new start

It’s a Monday and new start. There’s something nice about this time of year. A feeling that winter is loosing it’s grip and there is a bit of colour returning to the world. So there is a nice feeling about not having to wrap up in multiple layers before heading out.

Work was nicely paced today. Things seemed to fall into place. The first job was a retail site and a very simple fix. Just replace a magnetic swipe reader on a till. Shut down the till. Take out a couple of screws. Fit the new unit and test. Very quick and easy. The next gig was a blank till screen at another site. Well the good news was that there was nothing wrong with the till screen. It seemed the till had got a bee in it’s bonnet as it was starting up and had hung on a blank screen. The odd thing was that it would start in to safe mode with out any problems, and amazingly a scandisk did fix the problem. So a little time consuming waiting for it to run through but a result never the less.

With that out of the way it was time for a late lunch and pass the time by watching a bit of TV on the Google phone, that is just about behaving it’s self after being off for repair. It still has the occasional spazz out where it forgets that it is in fact a phone. So a little frustrating to keep on having to go into the settings and remind it which network to connect to. But the geek in me is still impressed with the fact that I can watch the BBC iPlayer while on lunch. Beats sitting in the car for a hour with nothing much to do other than enjoy the silence and digest lunch.

So the last contestant of the day was another retail site. A problem with the receipt printer. Which had fixed itself when I got there. Result! Self repairing kit. I hope it doesn’t catch on, or it’ll put me out of a job. So with that done and dusted it was off home, and an evening of catching up on Heroes. So I’m finally up to date. I’m not sure how it got out of sink. I was watching it on BBC2 but some how it appears to be all over the place on it schedule. So if I’ve got it right I’ll need to watch it on BBC3 now to stay in step.

Only a couple more working days to get through and then some time off. YAY! Four days in a row, and I’m already filling them up with things to do. Right, best get off to bed.