A simple pace.

If there is a balance to things, then I’m going to be up against it in the future. The jobs and work load have been so simple and straight forward of late. So that would mean there has to be a balance when the work load will become heavy and the jobs complex. So far it’s the straight forward part. The first job was a hospitality site in the middle of Cheltenham. The problem had been reported as a blank monitor. When I got to site the manager told me that it had been working all morning but I took a look at it anyway. If Iwere to guess I’d say the power cable had probably come out a little. Probably due to the tie wraps. I hate tie wraps. They’re all well & good in their place. But when some one has bound everything together it’s more of a hassle than anything. So considering there is no slack on any of the wires, the staff probably tried to move the keyboard or mouse and the power cable worked it’s way loose. So a couple of minuets work with the cutters to remove the offending items and make sure all the wires are firmly home, and the job was done. And that was pretty much it for ages. Eventually another job did come in for a retail site over at Caldicot. But as the part wasn’t going to arrive at the Cardiff depot till 5:00pm there wasn’t a lot I could do other than be patient. Time eventually rolled by I got my hands on a brand new part. So with that on board it was off to site. A quick hello to the staff and then swap over the screen. Simple.

Also you’ve got to try Galaxy with cookie chunks. It’s like the bust chocolate chip cookie in the world, but inverted. Trust me on this. Where as a chocolate chip cookie has little chunks of chocolate inside. Galaxy reversed this hand have a chocolate bar with little chunks of cookie in it. OH so nice. Got to love Easter. A time when it’s OK to abuse chocolate.