Well aren’t you curious?

What is there to say? Well if you’ve already taken a peek in to the gallery, then you’ve probably already come to some good conclusions. But if you feel that is too easy, then I’ll do my best to tell you a bit about myself.

OK, I’m in my early to mid thirties (desperately trying to hold on to the “early” part of that statement)

I live on me tod in Gloucester.

I’m currently employed as an EPOS engineer. Or to put it another way, I tinker with computerised till systems.

OK, so I’m a bit of geek. But truth be told I only got into this IT lark by accident. That’s another story though.

As for why am I blogging? Well that’s a bit more complex in some ways. But then there is never a simple answer to my life. However, for the sake of simplifying and arriving at an answer, the reason is kinda this.

I’m a member of an on-line team called “Who Dares Grins”. For my part I tend to turn up on the game sever where Team Fortress 2 is played and provide target practice for the opposing team and light comic relief for my team mates. But getting back to the answer, the clan has a forum. One day I was killing time in Hereford and having recently changed to a Google phone, I was amusing myself in a mildly geeky way of posting on the clan’s forums, while in the car park of Sainsburys. The thread was called “How’s your day?”

The thread then kind of became a loose diary. My work is varied enough to send me all over the place. And my mind is unfocused enough to be able to turn this into something semi-readable. It’s snowballed a little since then. And the other patrons of the forum suggested I should blog. Special mention should go to “Chaos” who has been extremely encouraging in getting me to do this. And also without his know how, I doubt I’d have got this off the ground. (Go check out his site by the way)

So there you have it. But what can I say? Go look at the gallery, please read my posts. Draw your own conclusions. But I hope I entertain you in some small way.

Keep Grinning 🙂