An afternoon in front of the microphone

Time off. A great thing. So what better way to spend a Sunday than doing something a little different.

An unfinished project is that of recording replacement sound files for the “Announcer” in the game “Team Fortress 2”. I ran out of steam on this a long while ago. So I’ve been meaning to put the nice condensing microphone my brother got me for Christmas to good use. So I finally got around to ordering a microphone stand last week. Today I’m feeling some what verbose and thought I’d better make a start or trying to make some proper recordings, rather than using the little microphone on the end of my head set. So 170 odd files later and all I’ve got to do now is upload them and let Mode Seven know where they are, he being the co-conspirator in this particular endeavor.

In other news, my friend Earthy is in the process of ordering a lot of computer parts for his upgrade. And in the modern spirit we’re recycling. So that’s Junta’s old motherboard has been brought out of mothballs and Deadly Avenger has a graphics card that will come in handy. So hopefully in a little while Earthy will have a working rig again. As his current rig has decided that no output on the AGP socket is the way forward. Bloody frustrating. But not for long. It’s daft how I can get genuinely excited about a upgrade. And it’s not even mine! Well that’s geek tendencies for you.

The next ten days see another long stretch ahead of me as I enter the ten in a row section of my rota. Although it may not be that bad. The work load has been a lot lighter since the Football world cup came to an end. So the next few days may be fairly straight forward. However as most of the schools in the land have finally broken up, I may find trying to get around becomes a bit of a challenge. Time will tell.

Right, I’d better see how the upload is going.