An Awesome Weekend

Just a little bit of time befor¬†Ireturn back to work for another 6 days. I’ve had a really nice weekend. Having HeX & Fade & Kiddies over has been a great giggle. So we’ve watched some Scooby-Do, Tom & Jerry, Garfield and a whole bunch of other cartoons with that lovely guilt free feeling you can have from telling yourself it for the children. But on of the highlights has got to be taking them all down to Toys R Us. As a result of the trip their little boy has become Snake Eyes the ninja from GI Joe. And their Little girl has an Upsi-Daisy from The Night Garden. All though there was a moment when both of them wanted the battery powered toy Ferrari. So Saturday was a good day. But as with so many things it had to come to an end, so on Sunday there was time for a couple of cartoons, a quick blast of running various characters around World Of War-craft and then it was time for them to go home. Fade’s truck did start after a bit of persuasion. By the look of the underside of the bonnet,¬†Ithink he had half of Sailsbury plain in the engine bay. So with the truck running and loaded it up, it was time to say good bye. I then spent the rest of my Sunday just relaxing. So all in all a very awesome weekend.