An easy start

Monday. The beginning of the week. So after the usual routine of wake up, Wii fit lecture, breakfast & tea it was out in to the word. The first job was a doddle. A receipt printer on a retail site wasn’t working. However, it was working fine when I got their. Result! That was easy. Then quite literally over to the other side of the road to the next job. This one wasn’t so easy. The good news was that I didn’t need to reload the software on the till. The not so good news was that the replacement part didn’t have a working network card. Bummer. Fail on fit. So after trying a couple of things I still couldn’t gt it to work. So the call has been progressed. Hopefully better luck with the next part. So a spot of lunch and off to another retail site. This one was fun. Mainly because the staff on site were very lively and up beat. It was also a simple job of replace the cash draw. So with the new unit installed and tested it was off home. And a nice relaxed eveing as well. So all in all a good start to the week.