An ode to play League of Legends, whilst taking a break from playing Team Fortress 2 as a Pyro, all the while gazing upon the dice boot they have on the table beside them

Or, testing Berath’s theory on Uber Epic hit count acquisition.

Here’s the pitch…

So here goes…



Oh woe is me, forlorn am I.

For too much suck I do possess.

My laptop, powerless.

To much lag from my ISP, poor jungaling performance for all to see.

Much rage and mirth dose fall upon me in many waves.

League Of Legends be damned!


But I have not the hats. Valve did sell them to many cats.


My Team Fortress 2 pyro is laid to rest, upon the thrown of sticky death.

To the real world I must go. To much online life I have lived.

To friends I find simply delights and pleasures. In the guise of wine and dice rolling adventures.

But disaster and peril stalk me still. As far flung dice cause the bear footed to tread carefully.

If only I had purchased that dice boot that Berath had recommended to me.