Back on the grind

The ballence has been addressed. If it’s been quiet on the work front, then today saw a return to form. So first gig was go and get the parts from the local depot and collect a power supply. From there it was off to a retail site near Abbergaveny to go and fix the PC there. Turning up with a big smile on your face can really confuse people. I really do think that I’m supposed to be turning up at these places miserable, because it seems to be what the customer is expecting. Never mind. I swapped over the power supply and was chuffed to see that the PC booted up ok. So what ever it was that had killed the PSU hadn’t fried the rest of the PC.

So up to Hereford. Grab a spot of lunch, then go and replace a chip and pin at a retail site. However the promised part on the pre 10:30 was completly ficticious. So I had a go at cleaning the unit but it was having none of it. So I left site feeling a little silly, with the help desk chasing the courier.

So then a long drive to Bridgend to go and tinker with a retail site over there. The site had two problems, both of them scales related. The first one was a very easy fix. Turn off the scale unit, and then turn it back on. So much for the checks being done. For the other scales, the part had been delivered and all I had to do was replace the unit. Then all that needed to be done was the mass amount of paper work that this particular customer generates.

Only one more job to go, it was a bit odd. The PDA was showing several calls for one site up in Merthyr Tydfil. But one had a part arriving in a couple of hours, and the other call for the site had the part arriving for tomorrow morning. I rang the call planners to make sure I was reading things properly. Apparently I was. I was required to drive to site and swap out a chip and pin on one of the sites till. And then tomorrow drive back to site and swap out the other chip and pin on the other till. There was something in the tone of voice that told me it would be fruitless to do anything as silly as bring logic in to it. So I drove to the site and found that they had already swapped over the unit, so all I had to do was take away the old unit. With the paper work filled in and the emails sent off I drove home.

It was quite late in the evening when I finaly got home. I had a couple of hours to get something to eat and unwind for a couple of hours. So it’s back to normal.