Back to my childhood

A rather unexpected and excellent day all in all. My first job was a retail site in Newport. A case of reload a till. Took a little while to work my way through the manual but the staff on site were a great giggle. Merrily chatting away and the conversation got around to childhood TV programs and cartoons. It was really fun to be reminded of cartoons and programs that i haven’t thought about in years. And an odd realisation that for all the education Ishould have been remembering has taken a back seat to remembering the names of the characters from the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon. Also one of the staff admitted to having a crush on He-Man. that then lead to odd observations of a character that wore pink tights and then went for a furry pair of pants. It certainly made the job of reloading a till a lot more pleasurable.

After a spot of lunch it was off to another retail site down the road, still in Newport. Cash draw not firing. Simply re-seat the data cables and reboot the till. End result, one working till. Happy days. So all in all a very fun working day.

The evening was also nice and relaxed. Just making a mental note to disbalieve anything I see or hear tomorow morning. It’s the first of April, so it’s time for April fools. Expect weirdness.