Because Life’s Too Serious

I think it’s time for some photos.

So a week or two ago I was heading up Cleat Hill Towards the Air Balloon Pub, and there was this Transit. Can you see the strap line for “ATC Floors & Doors”?

ATC Floors & Doors

That’s right “Get Laid in style”.

So yesterday (Wednesday 15th December) I was in Bristol. Cribbs Causeway to be exact. Come to think of it, is Causeway a bit misleading? I mean it’s on top of a hill. Where’s the wetland of large body of water? Sorry, I digress.

Anyway, despite the long cue of people all standing in the cold outside the fire exit for HMV, some one had landed a castle and an outdoor ice rink. Here, take a peek…

Ice Scating

All very nice and Christmasy. But at least inside it’s warm. And inside was this store. I’ll be honest, it was the strap line that drew me in.

Hawkin's Bazzar

Oh so many things in there. And all of them made me smile. For a flavor how about some of the items of stock. Well there was the pack of 4 Purple Ronnie Will wigs. Basically a cock ring with a hair style. There was the remote controlled shoulder mounted monkey. The book of politicallycorrect bed time stories and fairy tails. And a huge swath of other goodies. I exercised much self control and did not attempt to buy everything.