Blind determination

Some times taking that inviting looking road can yield strange and pleasing results. So I was on the outskirts of Stroud and I found myself drawn to going down a road I’ve never been before. An odd spirit of adventure. Bimbling along the narrow lanes I saw a site that probably testament to the human spirit of shear bloody determinedness. So you own a big American car. You’ve got a garage. But the car is too big to fit into the garage. So what do you do? Simple. Cut a hole in the garage door.

Blind determination

Got to love it.

A really nice sunny day. managed to finally get rid of the old storage heater down the tip. I even payed my Gas and Electric bill. Not as bad as I thought it would be, so that was a nice surprise. Didn’t get around to cleaning out the fish tank or putting the big yellow 3s on the wheelie bin. But the future is a big place.

As it’s Friday, it’s Frag Fest! A great giggle. Especially as party mode was active. There was even a chorus of Happy Birthday. Didn’t crash the server either.

So time for bed. A fun packed weekend awaits me down in Dorset.