Can I take a look at your phone?

So a straight forward day. A retail site near by needed a bar code scanner replace. A very easy fix. Un-plug the old unit. Plug in the new. Show it the program codes and then test. A nice straight forward affair. A little disappointing when the staff act despondent. Can begin to ware you down after a while. But I put it out of my mind and went on to the next site out in the valleys of Wales. Again another straight forward job. This time, just replace a receipt printer. So turn it off, remove two cables and then plug in the new unit and test. And a good positive response from the customer. So all kinds of good. So get home, sort out the E-mails and other admin bits and pieces. Got two calls for tomorrow with the parts coming overnight.

So with the working day done it was time to go and get some food shopping done. I was happily chatting away to my friend on my phone as I was walking out of my home to get to where the car is parked. I’ve got a private car park around the back of the houses. As I was walking along the path I spotted a woman cross the road and head straight over towards me. My spidey sense began to tingle. Without making eye contact I continued to chat away to my friend and turn into my car park. I was being followed. So I asked my friend to hang on and I turned around and confronted my curious follower.

“Yes?” The girl was a bit taken a back, but came out with an odd phrase.

“Can I take a look at your phone?” she asked.


“I need to call my friend.”

“I’m using my phone at the moment to talk to my friend at the moment thanks.”

With that the situation dissipated. She asked for the where abouts of a public phone, so I pointed her in the direction of the local Tesco half a mile down the road. What an odd request. Ask a stranger who is on the phone to use the phone they are currently using. Not going to happen really. I’m too suspicious now. After 3 and a bit decades I’m more paranoid. I mean there is no guarantee that the girl was honest. That she wouldn’t try and run off with the phone. That she wouldn’t ring a premium rate number. Who knows. Go down to Tesco and buy a pre-paid mobile phone.

What happened to my trusting soul?

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  1. What happened to your trusting soul? You lent it to someone and they nicked it ;).

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