Captain Kirk would not be impressed

Saturday, and a day off. YAY!

Now one of the things on my “to do” list for today was to get the company car serviced. Now I’ve got a mini-lease vehicle, so the normal process of ring the lease hire firm and get the car booked in doesn’t apply. The side effect of this is that the process of getting the car serviced is now something more of a turgid affair. I won’t name names, as that kind of thing can lead to trouble. So I’ll go for a geeky reference. The mini-lease car comes, in a round about way, from a company that shares it’s name with the ship that Captain James T. Kirk flies around in. And the company that can do the work. Well lets refer to them as Fast Installers. Mainly as I can’t think of a suitably geeky tie in.

So it all started a while back. The mileage is going up on the car, so I know a service is coming. So I talk to the lease hire company, and they tell me that I need to arrange things with Kirk’s ship. They in turn tell me that I can use various approved firms. All I have to do is get them to contact Kirk’s ship and they can approve the work. So I opt for Fast installers. Who in turn tell me that their computerised system tells them that Kirk’s ship needs to make the booking. Hang on a minuet. That’s not what Kirk’s ship told me. So back in touch with Kirk’s ship, who tell me that Fast installers have it wrong. So back on to Fast installers who are adamant that they will go with what their computer tells them. As an experiment I also contacted the other approved firms. They tell me the same thing as Fast installers.

Blow this for a laff. I give the lease hire company a call and let them know that I’m being lead in circles. They tell me that they will see if they can get something arranged with Kirk’s ship. And 24 hours later, Kirk’s ship lets me know that they have made a booking on my behalf with Fast installers for the next Saturday at 14:00. Not that I doubt what Kirk’s ship is telling me in any way shape or form. But after I’m done talking to Kirk’s ship, I give Fast installers a call. They in turn confirm that I now have a booking with them this coming Saturday at 14:00.

So Saturday 13:45. I get to Fast installers and tell them I’m here to get the Kirk’s ship car I’m driving serviced. You can probably foretell what’s going to happen next can’t you? Yep, that’s right. There’s a problem. What is the problem? Well it’s subtle. Firstly Fast installers tell me that the booking was at 13:00. Ok, not too much of a problem surly? Oh, but wait. It gets better. Fast installers haven’t ordered any parts. And apparently you can’t order parts after 13:00 on a Saturday.

You what?

So several days ago your telling me that Kirk’s ship gets in touch and books a car in for a service for a future date, and no parts are ordered? It’s a service. Surely you know what parts are going to be needed anyway? Why the hell wait till the day to order bits? And if ordering parts on a Saturday is an issue, why the hell wasn’t this mentioned to Kirk’s ship when they rang up to make the booking in the first place? And what the FiretrUCK is with the screw up with the appointment time? I rang in to confirm the booking moments after Kirk’s ship rang me to tell me that they had just got off the phone to Fast installers to make the booking  to confirme the date and the time. The clocks changed weeks ago. The hour discrepancy shouldn’t be a factor. So a complete waste of time turning up in the first place. Sod this.

On an optimistic wing and prayer, I’ve booked Kirk’s ships car in with Fast installers for the next available date that I have off work. So that’s in two Saturdays time. I’ll let the lease hire company know on Monday the fun & games I’m having.

Other than that it’s been a good Saturday all in all.