Caravan invasion

They’re everywhere! Caravans. Loads of the buggers. No sooner had Igot on the motorway when I was suddenly surrounded by loads of fiberglass boxes on wheels. Nearly new cars and pretend four by fours towing ageing boxes of slow moving misery. Certainly made my journey a bit more fraught as I battled against the grockles on my way in to Wales. I eventually made it to my first retail site where the staff had already opened the box with the part in it, that had been shipped to site. They waisted no time in telling me that it was the wrong part. And sure enough it was. Undetered I set about stripping and cleaning the touch screen on the faulty till and I was rewarded for my efforts with a working till. Result!

The next contestant was a hospitality site. Now this was a little peculiar. I got to the site and the manageress gave me curt greeting and then ignored me. So I politely waited for a little while and then tried to attract her attention again. I succeed, but only to be told that she didn’t want me messing around with the tills. With out waiting for a response, she turned her back on me. I was a little taken a back, so after a couple of seconds of shock, I picked up my tool box and left. I hadn’t got far down the street when I became aware of some one shouting “YOU! COME BACK HERE!” it was the manageress. There was some brisk arm beckoning on her part. OK, weird. So I turned around and went back to the site. Did she come and talk to me. No. After two minutes she finished doing what ever it was and actually came and had a conversation with me. With forced politeness I put a positive spin to my voice and learned nothing new. She didn’t want me messing around with the tills. Yes, I had got the hint on that one the first time round. But I did get to find out that the part had not been delivered to the site as it was reported on the system. So there was nothing for me to be messing around with in the first place. So with that all explained the manageress request that any work be performed on Monday. Fair enough. Feeling a little off ballence I went back to the car. Sorted out the relevant emails ad set off for the next site.

The third job couldn’t have been simpler. Engineer required to attend site and identify a particular piece of equipment. So I drove out to the retail site. Said hello to the manageress. Went to the back office. And identified the piece of equipment. The area manager reckoned that the site didn’t have one. I found it exactly where it should have been. With that thoroughly sorted out, the paper work was filled in and I returned home.

A nice relaxing evening ensued. Much amazement was had in the form of watching  “Total Wipe-out” and the “ComedyRoad Show”. So with the clocks set to change, I also have a lie in to look forward to tomorrow. RESULT!