Continuing the simple theam

Another day that yielded no suppries. I don’t know how much longer this will last. So after exchanging the parts over at the local depot, it was off to Cirencester for my first contestant. A retail site with a faulty chip & pin reader. Unfortunately the replacement part didn’t want to load up properly. So after chatting with the manager on site it sounded like an intermitant problem. I figured the best bet was to give the card slot a good clean. And like a good boy scout, I’ve got a kit for that. A fibrous car and some evaporating solvent cleaner. It’s a bit whiffy, but it gets the job done. A couple of tests and all was good.

The next contestant was a retail site in Gloucester city centre. So a short drive back to Gloucester and the added bonus of having a car park right next to the site. This was another chip & pin problem. The site had seen so much trade that the keypad on the chip & pin was getting worn out. This was also another site that remembered me from my previous visit. So again being greeted as the happy engineer is always a nice thing. So down to business, un-plug the old unit and plug in the new, then test. Everything was working as intended. Six minuets from “Hi, I’m your engineer” through to “That works”. It’s one of those jobs where the admin takes longer than the actual fix.

So not long after eleven and both of my allocated calls were done. So with the various forms filled in and emails sent off I decided to get lunch early so that I could finally get a long over due hair cut. With that done, and feeling a lot more presentable, I went and found something to eat and amused myself for the remainder of my lunch break by walking around the city centre. When lunch ended there was still nothing allocated to me. No worries, I figured the best bet was to drive back to the parts depot and drop off the used kit. So a short drive out of the city centre and the used kit was dropped off. Still nothing pending. So back home, mug of tea and start getting the paper work done in preparation for the coming week. Out of the blue I got a call off my team leader. I had two days holiday that were carried over from last year. I’m supposed to use them by the end of March. And truth be told I had completely forgotten about them. But my team leader had managed to get an extension of the “use by date” so to speak, so some holiday was quickly and unexpectedly booked. RESULT! So April is going to be a very short month. I really need to get organised with my holidays. I’m supposed to use chunks of it by certain times. Basically to ensure that you don’t get staff that get to the end of  the holiday year and have loads of holiday left to take. So I should think about a summer break, where I have a hair brained scheme to travel in to Europe and visit the towns that Gloucester is twinned with. Possibly stopping off to view the Huff village as well. But that kind of things need planning. I suppose I could just drive around and eventually find places to stay and eat. But I think some sort of rough plan may be better. May be taking a train? I’ll have to have a think on that.

Anyway, eventually a third job came in. One that I had vetted earlier in the day. A retail site over near Newport had a problem with the monitor that is used as the customer display. I had hedged my bets and ordered a replacement monitor and a power supply. The parts were being shipped direct to site. No worries. It was quite a quick drive to site. It was also a very quick job. The bad news was that the parts had not arrived. The good news was that I didn’t need them. The power cable had come unplugged from the power supply. Plug back in and it all worked fine. The manager was a little embarrassed. I told him not to worry about it, I like easy calls.

So that was pretty much it for my working day. A simple drive home. Get the various emails sent out for work. Then a relaxed evening playing way too much World Of Warcraft. I wonder if tomorrow will be a simple?