Dark glee

Today had one of those moments that just make you smile. Moments where you hope the outcome will come out just as you imagine in the darker parts of your mind.

So I had finished in Sainsburys and I’d made it back to the car. A couple of rows opposite me there was a Fiesta with a couple of kids in it. A brother and his big sister. I’d guess that nether of them were in double figures. The sister was sat in the front passenger seat, and see was having a disapproving strop moment. This was because her little brother was in the driver’s seat. Well not quite. He had one leg and most of his body out of the car window. But his legs were too short to reach the ground. So he’s teetering on the sill. He eventually clambers back in. They have a little scuffle and he tries his “Dukes of Hazard” maneuver again. Lightning fast, his sister gives his arse an almighty shove. BOINK! Out he goes, sprawled on the ground. She laffs her head off. Locks all the doors and closes the window. I left giggling as she taunts him through the window.