Displaced feeling of time

That’s the problem with shift work. Your perspective of time gets a little out of focus. I had that Friday feeling on Wednesday. It’s now Saturday. I’ve no idea what day of the week my mind thinks it is. Possibly a Tuesday maybe?

Friday was a good day. All the work piled up at the end of the day. The first job that came through in the morning was for a job that needs to be done after a site has closed to the public, so that wouldn’t happen till the end of the shift. So all the other jobs kind of shuffled around. So the day slowly accelerated, ending with a bit of a mad dash to the last job as time was running on and the previous calls had snowballed a bit.

For a Saturday it was a very easy going day. One of the calls even fixed itself. Rang the site to find out what kind of screen they had. They told me that had a working kind. RESULT! So all I’ve had to do is attend a retail site in Hereford and replace a couple of customer display units. Straight forward job. So just one more day to go and it will be Monday. And for me that means holiday. Yippee! Some time off to go and visit the family. Right, I’m off to bed.