Feeling out of sync

It’s weird trying to have a lie in when you know the clock is wrong. Even though I had set most of the clocks to be an hour forward, my internal clock was still on winter time. So knowing in my bones that it is still 10:00am, I had an unusual resentment for the clock telling me it was 11:00am. I decided the best thing to do was to get up and ease gently into the world.

So a couple of mugs of tea and a bit of breakfast helped me feel a lot more awake. I’d have loved nothing more than to spend the day lounging around doing very little. However I did need to go shopping. So after checking every last cupboard and draw in the kitchen I put together a list of supplies. Now one of things on my list was not pick up a new energy supplier. Every so often Sainsburys lets arseholes from EDF prowl around it’s stores. This does tend to piss me off. I’m trying to choose a loaf of bread, I don’t want to hear the opening question of “Can I ask you who supplies your energy?”. Quite frankly it’s none of your business. I tend to form responses along the lines of “Push off”. But today I was in a good mood, so after glancing at the woman and taking in the ID tag around her neck, the clip board with the EDF logo on it and that hungry commission based look in her eyes. I simply went back to what I was doing and replied with “Not interested”. I’ll be honest, I was expecting her to push it. I knew my second response to being disturbed on my day off wasn’t going to be polite. But there was no further interruptions. The woman took the hint and went hunting for another commission.

So with the shopping and some other domestic chores out of the way, it was time to do what days off are invented for. Relaxing and doing very little. So played a couple of games , watch some TV and read a bit of a book. All kinds of good.