Firefall – Beta awesomeness

It’s really nice to find something that I can write about that won’t land me in trouble 🙂

So I’m one of the lucky ones, I got a beta invite for Firefall. For those of you wondering “what the hell is Firefall?” go give it a quick Google. Go on, this will still be here when you get back.

Firefall screenshotFirefall concept artFirefall first person view


So now that the NDA has been lifted, it’s possible to talk about it in an open environment. In short, even in it’s beta state it solid. And deceptively enthralling. If you want your FPS death-match team games, then they got you covered. If you want an open world MMO style game, again you’ve come to the right place. The game seems to have something for everyone. If you want to go it alone and explore, then the world is big to start with. If you like the whole gather mats and craft stuff, then your gonna have a lot to keep you occupied. And if you want to group together with friends, then also not a problem. And the future holds Clans / armies, so big group fun is heading our way. And then there’s the price. It’s free.

Now I’m a skeptic at the best of times when I hear the word “free”. In the materialistic world “free” doesn’t tend to happen. Something for nothing is the work of fiction surly? But this is a free to play game. So where’s the money? Time will tell. But I would love to have my skepticism proved wrong.

All I need now are some invites so that I can send them out and get more people playing this awesome game.

Thank you Red 5 Studios 🙂