Fun With Foam

This is proofing to be a lot of fun. I can certainly begin to see the appeal of Cos-Play. If you need convincing then I certainly advise you to go and over to YouTube and search for “Sneaky Zebra”. They have a couple of montage videos of the comic-cons. Anyhoo, for me I’m yet to get serious about my build of a Space Marine from the Space Wolf chapter. After building 5 helmets and a bolt pistol, I know I have a long way to go. And to that end I’m guinea pigging a small child who also happens to be a 40K fanatic. So at the moment I’ve Shandeighed some one’s garage (as I ran out of room in my kitchen), and I’m doing a scaled down version of Mr Pilerud Pepakura build. I’m using foam anti-fatigue flooring squares. A lot of sharp blades. And a good mot melt glue gun. So far I’ve got the arms done, although I’m still to figure out how to get them to join and articulate. The shoulder pads. And the torso. There is certainly an easier way to do this. Looking at the RPF forums, there are a couple of Space Marine builds where they have used a much simpler cut pattern. Just I can’t see any downloads of the actual sizing. So I’ll stick the the Pepakura designs and modify as I go.

IMG_6050 IMG_6055 IMG_6062   Frustrating at times, but still fun 😀