Get your vote in

So it’s time for the UK general election. So with the polling stations opening so early it was easy to cast my vote before heading off to the parts depot to drop of yesterdays kit. Then over to Cardiff to to replace a failing hard drive on a retail site. Or I would have if the part had turned up. So after an hour of waiting to find out if there was going top be a part Iwent on to the next call. A doddle of a job. The staff had already swapped over the part, so all i had to do was take away the old one and fill in the paper work. Unfortunately I picked up a puncture on one of the tyres. So after some ringing around I eventually made my way to a Kwik Fit to get the tyre repaired. Lunch was a brief affair, with me heading back in to Cardiff to plug in a customer display unit. I love these easy jobs. With that ut the way it was back up the valley to try and fix a PC that wouldn’t turn on. No luck on that job, defiant going to need a part for that. So get one ordered and then head home. A simple and straight forward day.