Got the Lurgie :(

Good grief, I hate being ill 🙁


I’d had a really nice week off. I went and visited friends & family up & down the country. And some where on my travels I picked up an unwelcome travel companion in the form of a virus. Strewth! I have felt really lousy. And to make matters worse I’m beginning to feel my age. I’m fairly certain that years ago this wouldn’t have slowed me down, let alone taken this long to start getting over it. It’s taking longer to bounce back as the years pass by. Grrr! So I’m cooped up at home, dossed out of my skull on painkillers. Had a real scare yesterday. Chatting away on the phone to one of my friends, attempting to multitask so that I could prep up a loaf of bread. And then found that a section of my vision was missing. Not a black spot, or anything like that. Just literally a space in my field of vision that I couldn’t see in to. Looking in the mirror I could see my eye on the right if I stared at my nose, but wouldn’t be able to see my left eye. Very freaky. Thankfully my sight went back to normal about an hour later. I really hate being ill. I do it with very bad grace.

Firefall Logo

Meanwhile, Firefall continues to be awesome. Even in it’s beta state It’s doing well. I still stand by my original statement that the core of the game is solid. The only bugs I’ve encountered are very minor. Scenery not lining up properly, graphical holes, and things like that. Everything else seems to be working as intended. And the boys & girls at Red5 must be getting confident as they have handed out a couple of invites to the current bout of testers. So potentially trebling the current population. Really looking forward to seeing how this game evolves into it’s finished product for release. And then it’s inevitable evolution.