Gremlins in the till

Bank holiday Mondays. Why do they feel like another Sunday? No one in a hurry to get anywhere. Very few trucks on the road. It’s an odd way to start the working week. Only the one call to deal with. A retail site over at Caldicot. Over the last few months the site has been having an intermittent problem with the magnetic card reader. Various bits and pieces have been checked and replaced. So as the fault hasn’t gone away it’s time for the blunderbuss approach. Replace everything. So that’s what I did. The till, the screen and the magnetic card reader all swapped out. Fingers crossed that it works. Once that job was done and dusted, all that remained was to drop off the bits in Bristol and then head home. The only other job that came in was for a retail site in Gloucester city centre, but it’s not actionable until tomorrow morning. So that’s Tuesday taking shape all ready.