I’m Having A Daft Idea

Hiya people. I know it’s been a while. Sorry 🙁

But I’m having a daft idea. It goes a bit like this. There is a very talented chap who has made an incredible 40K Space Marine outfit.

Just awesome

Take a look. So this got me thinking ” I wanna give that a shot”. As normal parts of my brain came up with “It’s beyond your abilities”, “You’ll never make anything even half as good”. But then I also found I though..

“Why not?”

So I did a bit of reading. Looked at the videos and photos. Had a look at the software that does the modle stuff. And then the next thing you know, it’s gone 2:00am and you have a bit of a MK7 helmet sitting on your desk made of nothing more than A4 paper, sellotape and PritStick.

It begins









By the next day I find that I’ve got to get the thing finished as I want to be able to make a mug of tea.

I want the sweetner back






And then not long after that it’s silly ‘o clock in the morning and a beer or two later and you have a finished item.







OK, I cant see out.

Am I facing the right way?










But a beanie hat later and I can 😀

I can see out