In good spirits

Today was one of those days where Ifound myself in an inexplicably good mood. Straight from kick off, through most of the day truth be told. And I’ve no idea why. I suppose it may have been due to not waking up with the music from the “Robot Unicorn Attack” flash game from the “Adult Swim” web site playing through my head. So sutably fed and watered I set out in to the world.

Work went well today. The first site went according to plan. Replace the till chassis and it all worked when I turned it back on. The second also went well. There were two jobs to do. the first one was a doddle. Apparently an engineer had been out the previous day and fixed the problem. So with all confirmed that it was working OK, it was on to the second job. Just replace the touch screen. A quick and easy job. So with time marching on I went in search of my third site. But before that I was starving, so it was time to find lunch. This turned out to be very naughty as I opted for a full cooked breakfast from Morrisons. All kinds of good. So fully recharged it was on to the third site. And that was a simple job as well. I was supposed to replace the chip & pin reader, but the staff on site told me it had been fixed last week. No worries, collect the part that had been delivered to site and leave them in peace.

A little earlier in the day I had agreed to do standby at short notice. The engineer that was supposed to be on standby had been taken ill, so I agreed to step in. So out of the head of the valleys and down in to Cardiff to collect a kitchen printer for a hospitality site. I eventually found the site. It was a little off the beaten track, but the sat nav got me there eventually after taking what seemed a very weird route. the replacement unit was OK except for the paper cutter. But after a bit of tinkering I managed to remove the paper cutter off the old printer and fit it to the replacement unit. And it worked. Result! So with the paper work done it was time to go home. So a little extra money and some overtime. Happy days. Just enough time to chill out and have a giggle watching Rod Gilbert trying to be a hair dresser. Definitely time for bed.