Just another day

All in all, not a bad day. Kind of long, but there is an end is sight. With old parts exchanged for new it was out into the world. So first up was a quick receipt printer swap at a retail site. Then it was over to one of those calls that evolved in to something unexpected. It was supposed to be fit a customer display, but the replacement till didn’t have one. However there was a problem with the network. After a bit of investigation it turned out to a problem with the network cable. Thankfully this was solved by fitting new plugs to end of the wire at both ends. A bit of a tough gig as the customer was upset at the length of time it had been since they had first reported the fault. I managed to keep a cool head through it though. The last job also evolved in to something different. Should have been a case of recalibrate the touch screen, but the owner asked nicely if I would swap the screens between the two tills on site. The first one went straight forward enough, but the second developed a personality. In that after I put the till back together it wouldn’t start. After trying a variety of things I did manage to get it working. So all in all a good day. Just one more working day to go. So looking forward to some time off.