Just in case

Yesterday I drove 160 miles to get to my first site. It took me 5 and half hours to get there. This includes the hour for lunch and the numerous times I had to stop and pull over to triage various calls. When I got to the site at New Quay I was told thus. The till had been working since the day before, the manageress had called the help desk to cancel the call. The help desk said that they would still send out the engineer “Just in case”.

I remained professional in front of the customer, returned to the car with as much control as I could muster. I then had what could probably be described as a sense of humor failure. Needless to say, the call planners also shared my displeasure. And in fact passed on the discord to the help desk.

So by the time I had totally failed to fix another call in Swansea, it was no surprise that I got home for 10 at night. Sunday will more than likely follow the same trail. The first site has 4 calls logged against it. So a little drive over to Pembroke Docks. Joy! Only 152 miles to the site. Considering one of the calls was logged with an impossible error, this should be a worth while and fulfilling day. Roll on Thursday.