May The Force Be With You


Still not a strong helmet

EVA Foam & Paper

And in a completely different fantasy realm, I appear to be making helmets. I finished an EVA foam helmet in blue. And I’m just about three quarters of the way through another foam helmet. It seems that the more of them I do, the more I realize where I went wrong with my first build. But with no instructions there is quite a bit of guess work involved. So inevitably the whole process has quite a bit of trial and error for me. I’ve never done anything like this before. But I can tell you it’s becoming a lot of fun 🙂

So I think I’ll finish off the other EVA foam helmet. And then look at getting some 20mm EVA foam and possibly tackling a bolt pistol. I’m definitely going to need some more glue. And maybe a heat gun. And a lot of luck 😀