May the fourth be with you

Yes, it’s unofficial Jedi day. So it was up brightand early and off into Gloucester city centre to go and replace a PC on a retail site. The job went straight forward enough. Simply swap the guts of one PC in to another. Everything booted up ok, so the job was declared a success. With that out of the way the next job came in for a receipt printer causing merry hell on a retail site over at Usk. so after parts were sorted out for that I made my way over to the site and swapped over the printer. Again the job went as it should and worked fine. it goes to show that I’m approaching most of these jobs with the air of that they are going to mutate in to some thing more complex. So far so good.

I’ve already got jobs lines up for tomorow, but that’s another day. So time for an early night me thinks.