Mixed results

A bit more of a challenge today. The first job was a retail site outside of Hereford. There was a till that wasn’t playing nice with something plugged into it. So the process was going to be change the till chassis to see if this would fix the problem. It did fix the report problem, but created a bigger problem in the process. So after trying a couple of things suggested by my team leader, I eventually had to call it a fail on fit and restore the original chassis. Ironically the till then started working properly. Not sure if this is a temporary fix. So i asked the manageress to monitor the problem and re-log it if it needs doing again. So a mixed result for that one.

After some lunch it was off to another retail site in Abergavenny. The back office PC was shutting it’s self down. Sounded like an over heat thing. And when I took the panels off the PC it became very clear what the problem was. The PC had been acting like a hoover, so it looked like the inside of a dust bag. The CPU fan was layered with so much dust that the fan couldn’t spin. So a copious amount of hoovering out solved that one. With the air flow restored and all the fans spinning properly it was a much happier PC. So I gave it a while to see what it would do. The hardware monitor in the BIOS showed that the CPU was holding a steady 40c. So a quick check for errors on the disk thankfully returned no problems. Even after that, going back into the BIOS showed the CPU was still a comfortable 40c. Sorted. I had a chat with the manager and hopefully all will be good with the PC, but you never can tell. So the manager is going to keep and eye on it and start running the daily back ups again.

Another peaceful evening. Had a chat with a friend of mine on the phone for a while, so it was good to catch up. Only one more working day to go and then I can have a couple of days off. Happy days.