My 40K Space Wolf – The build so far

So here’s what I’ve been up to over the last few months, on and off.

I’ve been building myself a 40K Space Wolf cosplay. So basic bits built so far are chest, legs & arms. The backpack is nearly finished. I’ve cut out the templates for the huge shoulders and the massive boots. But those will require wood work to give structure to the foam.

IMG_20150605_201545 IMG_20150605_201620 IMG_20151106_213249 IMG_20151106_214209 IMG_20151107_161203 IMG_20151107_161216 IMG_20151107_161458 IMG_20151107_173207 IMG_20151107_184951 IMG_20151108_205452 IMG_20151111_215452 IMG_20151115_163237 IMG_20151115_184352 IMG_20151115_192803 IMG_20151115_212210 IMG_20151115_212532 IMG_20151119_214900 IMG_20151119_215824 IMG_20151201_212120 IMG_20151201_212123 IMG_20151201_212129 IMG_20151201_212146 IMG_20151201_212201 IMG_20151201_212413 IMG_20151201_212433 IMG_20151020_183924 IMG_20151020_191125 IMG_20151021_130215 IMG_20151101_195519 IMG_20151101_202238 IMG_20151101_202702 IMG_20151101_202818 20160613_193052 20160614_132218 20160614_132516 20160614_140607 20160614_145226 20160614_161756 20160614_170642 20160614_172636 20160614_181411 20160621_150658 20160621_173908 20160612_160229 20160612_160258 20160710_190658 20160710_190743