Not what I expected

Today was a little odd. The first job was supposed to be replace a till on a retail site. Despite the box the PC came in looking the worse for ware, the PC itself was in good working order. But due to a change in the gubinz that made it up from the manufacture meant that the software disk I had for it wasn’t going to work. A fact that didn’t come to light until after a couple of hours of following the manual. In a bit of a sideways maneuver I did manage to help the site out by moving the fault from the master till to the slave till. So at least the staff had access to some extra functionality that they had been missing. The staff were very happy, even though there is still a fault that needs fixing. But a small victory is better than none. A lot of time was chewed up from being on site, so I was a little light headed when I finaly managed to take lunch at 3:30pm.

Suitably fed and watered it was on to the next call. Which thankfully went according to plan. Simply replace a power lead that ran between a receipt printer and till base unit. In fact the manageress on site remembered me from another site of hers that I had visited in the past, so it was very uplifting to be remembered as the happy engineer. So with that job suitably sorted out it was time to drive home. Being a little late in the day meant that I didn’t have to struggle with the rush hour traffic, so it was a pleasant enough drive home. So a nice relaxed evening. Just a couple more working days to go and I get to have a day off. YAY!