Nothing much on my mind

There isn’t that much going on in my mind at the moment. At least nothing of interest, or anything that I feel compelled to write about at least.

Life is ticking over quite nicely all in all. Work is work. The rota continues on. I got through the last long stretch. The four days off after 10 in a row always tend to be filled with a lot of sleep and all the little chores that I feel I have no time for in the normal run of things. So the fish tank has had a clean out. The fish seem happy about that. I’ve pushed the hoover about a bit. I’ve even given some thought about the holiday into Europe. Looking in to it a bit more, I’m beginning to wonder if I have bitten off more than I can chew? I mean, three destination. All by road. Nearly one and a half thousand miles. the cost is beginning to worry me. Can I really afford to do this? Along with the fear of the unknown. The language barrier. Hum. Should I be a little more conservative in my approach? But shouldn’t a holiday like this be a bit more about adventure?

The problem of a life that is structured and built around routien is that it gets out of it’s comfort zone very easily.