Odd sights & inappropriate kids prizes

Ok, I wasn’t expecting this kind of a Friday.

So after getting sorted out with paper work, routs and stuff, it was time to head out into the world. So for me, my first stop was going to be to pick up a part down at Almondsbury near Bristol. A bit disappointing as when I got there, the locker was bare. So not a good start. Time to ring up the desk and see if the part’s whereabouts can be determined. This involves being on hold for a quite a while. So this locker of mine is in the car park of the Rugby grounds. And a ways off in the middle of the car park is a group of fellas chatting. Then one of them strips off down to his socks & kegs. WTF? Then one of the other fellas breaks out a pair of black high heel shoes and an outfit for him to put on. Oh and a big blonde wig and sun glasses. Don’t believe me? How about a 14 second video?





So after finding out that the part is already on site, I head off to go and pretend that I know what I’m doing. I get to site and set about tinkering away on my first call. This involves trying to get a humungous laser printer working in one of the site’s admin offices. Now while I’m playing the game of hunt the wire, the lovely young lady in the office is sorting through a box of donated goodies that people have contributed as prizes for the kid’s “Lucky Dip” game. The fourth item in and she starts laughing. Lots 😀 Now I’m no expert. I’m not a parent. But even I think that this may be a slightly inappropriate prize for a child…

Kids Lucky Dip Prize

Seriously? Now some where out there someone must be having one hell of a giggle. I mean, what was the thought process here? “Oh they need a donation of items for the kid’s lucky dip game. This will do nicely”. Holy Testicle Tuesday BatBoy! So as I’m a helpful individual, I accepted the gift of soft porn from the young lady so that she wouldn’t get into any trouble if her boss caught her with it 🙂

So that my day for you. Watch a grown man strip down to his trunks & socks and squeeze into a hot-pant body suit, pull on a big blond wig and step into a pair of killer high heels. And then later on be given a porno DVD by a nice young lady.

Oh, and pretend to be an engineer and fix stuff 😀