Odd World

So here we are again.

I hadn’t realised it had been so long since I last wrote something in here. The day to day going on activity of my life has become very routine. Nearly stagnant. Work continues at a good pace. The work load is still constant, so that is a good thing. In fact things seem to be getting a little easier, but perhaps that is probably me just getting used to the new way of doing things since the change over from one employer to another. On the surface nothing has changed. I’m still doing the same work for the same customers and talking to the same people. So all that really changed is I’m paid by a different company on a different day. And the dress code has changed. Most of the other changes are purely administrative. But i had a review a couple of months ago and it went well. Looks like I’m keeping up to speed on things. The only saga has been trying to get the company car serviced. Thankfully that’s all sorted now. the complication was down to the fact that I have a temporary hire car until the new feet of vehicles is sorted out. So the would be normal process doesn’t quite apply yet. But with time it will. the end result so far is that the car has had a service and is is in good condition.

Driving has been a little odd of late. It’s probably down to the increasing number of tourists. But I seem to be encountering more and more “Dick Turpin’s” of late. had one today. The stretch of road between Gloucester and Ross On Wye. Found my self behind an elderly couple. Usual thing. Couldn’t maintain a speed. Slowed down at the site of a corner or on coming traffic. Seemed to have difficulty staying in the lane. So when an open stretch of road presented it’s self, I decided to overtake. No on coming traffic. Great visibility and road conditions. An easy overtake maneuver. But some how this really upset the old man driving his little green Korean car. Much flashing of lights and hand gestures. I still can’t figure out what had got his knickers in a twist.

Well summer is definitely here. And with in a couple of months I get to go on my hair brained scheme of traveling in to Europe. The plan is quite simple. Go visit the places that Gloucester is twined with. So that will be Gouda in Holland. Trier in Germany. And Metz in France. I’ve never left England, so this is going to be a bit of a daunting journey. I recon I can easily travel 400 miles or so in a day. So I’ve got 3 weeks of work. So I’ve got plenty of time to take things easy and see the sights. may be pop in o some other places along the way. So sooner or later I’ve got face facts that I really should be getting organised. Book ferry tickets. Sort out accommodation. Figure out a rout and time table. Really looking forward to it.

So I’ve finished a 10 day stretch. Really looking forward to a lie in. Be nice not to wake up to an alarm clock. So some domestic chores and than i think a trip in to Bristol to have a look around Ikea. And then go and see friends over the weekend.

So there you have it. Work is all ok. Alive & well. An adventure awaits.