Out of the Blue

All in all, a good day. Work today held one of those odd moments that makes no sense. It was going to be a straight forward job. Swap out a touch screen on a hospitality site just out side Cardiff. I got the part from Bristol and made it to the site. Swapping over the screen achieved nothing. Bummer. So I borrowed another screen of a till in the function room. The kind of till that only gets used on Mothers day and over the Christmas period. i found there was nothing wrong with the original screen. It worked just fine. So I tried the data cable and low and behold things started working. No worries, just order a cable. So being tidy minded I put the faulty cable on the function room till, and was a little stunned when it started working as well. The manager was OK with how things worked out, so I left them alone and went to the car to fill in the various forms and labels that needed to be done. I was nearly finished when an elderly gentleman approached me and he started telling me about his old 386 PC he had at home and the problem he had getting his printer to work on windows 98 second edition. In the space of 30 minuets I learnt that he was an accountant and now had his boss’s old PC that ran XP. Random!

All in all a very plesent conversation, but completly out of the blue.